The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth

the mother-in-law

“Someone once told me that you have two families in your life—the one you are born into and the one you choose. But that’s not entirely true, is it? Yes, you may get to choose your partner, but you don’t, for instance, choose your children. You don’t choose your brothers- or sisters-in-law, you don’t choose your partner’s spinster aunt with the drinking problem or cousin with the revolving door of girlfriends who don’t speak English. More important, you don’t choose your mother-in-law. The cackling mercenaries of fate determine it all.”

5/5 stars


Fiction – Domestic Thriller

Goodreads Summary

From the moment Lucy met Diana, she was kept at arm’s length. Diana is exquisitely polite, but Lucy knows, even after marrying Oliver, that they’ll never have the closeness she’d been hoping for.

But who could fault Diana? She was a pillar of the community, an advocate for social justice, the matriarch of a loving family. Lucy had wanted so much to please her new mother-in-law.

That was ten years ago. Now, Diana has been found dead, leaving a suicide note. But the autopsy reveals evidence of suffocation. And everyone in the family is hiding something…


I finally read my first Sally Hepworth book and absolutely loved it! Can we all agree that the subject of mothers-in-law make great books?!

This was such a quick read and kept me turning the pages dying to know what was going on. Hepworth wrote a fantastic domestic thriller centered on family secrets. I love this type of book! It was mysterious and the perfect amount of twisted but wasn’t scary.

I really enjoyed that the chapters rotate between the past and present. That has become one of my favorite formats. It’s such a fun and interesting way to find out how the stories come together.

I sided with the daughter-in-law and then found myself having sympathy for the mother-in-law. It was a lot of back and forth of emotions. Hepworth did such a fantastic job showing the reader the different sides of each character.

I highly recommend you pick up The Mother-in-Law as soon as it is available! I cannot wait to read more of Sally Hepworth’s books. She is clearly a very talented author.

Available April 23rd!

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for my finished copy. All opinions expressed are my own.

Author Sally Hepworth’s website



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