Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

3/5 stars

Fiction – Contemporary

The Richardsons are an affluent family living in the pristine community of Shaker Heights—where things are perfectly planned, laid out, and cared for. Worlds collide when Elena, the family matriarch, rents out a home to Mia and her daughter, Pearl, who come from an entirely different background and way of life—only just making ends meet and moving from place to place. As the Richardson children grow close to Pearl, Mrs. Richardson begins digging up Mia’s past. Secrets are uncovered, friendships are formed and destroyed, and no one is likely is to be the same after all is said and done.

This one started out slow for me. I had seen others say the same thing so I decided to keep reading anyway. The first portion focused on getting to know each character and definitely moved at a snail’s pace. However, about one-fourth of the way into the book, it started to pick up. The character development was nicely done, allowing the reader to have a better understanding and appreciation for the events that occur. I enjoyed the detail in which the author explored each relationship and took the time to establish them. Even though this was a slower moving story, there were definitely some surprises that kept things interesting. If you can go into this one with lower expectations than the hype it received and welcome the serious tone, I think it’s one you could really enjoy. Will it stick with me for years to come? Probably not. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

Author Celeste Ng’s website

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