All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

4/5 stars

Fiction – Romance

A beautifully-written, heartbreaking love story about two soulmates who meet in the most unlikely of ways. Their relationship, then and now, is explored—how two people can grow and change in different ways over time. Graham and Quinn must dig into the depths of their souls to determine whether or not love is truly enough.

Graham and Quinn are two fascinating characters. With chapters switching between the past and present, I grew to understand and empathize with them both, and I felt like I was personally invested in their relationship. I was elated by their successes, heartbroken by their hardships, and hopeful through it all. I love a book that exquisitely establishes its characters and their relationships, and this book does just that. However, there is a fair amount of sexual content included, a distinction that I, personally, could have done without. Additionally, one of  the main topics is infertility, which I know can be a sensitive topic for many.

Author Colleen Hoover’s website

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